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Nationwide Fire Protection Services

Total Fire Protection provides nationwide fire protection services to all customers in the USA. 24/7 service and emergency response available. click here to learn more

Fire Extinguishers

A portable fire extinguisher is your first line of defense against a fire and perhaps the most important part of your fire safety program. click here to learn more

Fire Sprinklers

A fire can take just seconds to spread. With a sprinkler system in place, you can prevent your building from suffering... click here to learn more

Fire Alarms

A well-maintained Fire Alarm system is necessary to keep people and property safe in your establishment. click here to learn more

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Each year, thousands of structure fires are reported in eating and drinking establishments. These fires have caused extensive injury and death... click here to learn more

Photoluminescent Markings

Local Law 26 requires New York City buildings to have visible Photoluminescent Egress Markers. This glow in the dark material is designed to help tenants escape and provide visibility... click here to learn more

AEDs and Training

PR and AEDs have a higher chance of success when performed (or used) by trained individuals. Total Fire Protection offers three-hour, OSHA-compliant, courses in adult AED and CPR skills ... click here to learn more

First Aid

Total Fire Protection sells and installs First Aid Kits that adhere to the requirements set out by ANSI and OSHA. We also provide on-site First-Aid Kit replenishment service... click here to learn more